Iker Etxebarria

This is my life and this is what i like to do.  Travel all around the world, enjoy new places and cultures, and in the same time, do some work with my computer on this great proyect called Gira Financial Group.


It is now 4 years already that I work with cryptocurrencies. I have learned a lots with other companies and 1 year ago that I am 100% involved with Gira Financial Group.

There is nothing better than be the boss of your time, organize your life and enjoy life and work.

Have some free info on this great proyect and go for it. I will help you in anything you need.



Why did i choose GIRACOIN?

  1. Registered in Switzerland
  2. Financial company.
  3. The only cryptocurrency company with a Financial intermediate Certificate called SRO.
  4. Last Blockchain Technology based in Etherum and Hiper Ledger.
  5. Future Vision.
  6. Already accepted in many merchants.
  7. Human and friendly members in the management of the company.
  8. Very important and business members on the Advisory Comitté

Do you need more reasons??


Why do i think that Giracoin will have a great future ? 

Because company has created the best Blockchain: Based in Etherum and Hiper Ledger. Many companies are already interested on using our Blockchain. Also banks are interested on working together with their blockchains and our Blockchain. Go to the website and have a look to the Road Map and the Whitepaper. After you can contact me and I will be glad to answer all your questions.


Is Giracoin legal ?

As I said before, Gira Financial Group, is the only cryptocurrency company registered on Switzerland who´s got the SRO Intermediate Financial Certificate. This is Finma department from Swiss Government who give this license.

We also have very good lawers working with the government on our proyect.

The new Blockchain 2.0 has the system of Validatos node , so Finma and other interested companies can have a look at our Blockchain but they can not manipulate. So the info of our Blockchain is open to everyone who is interested on checking it.

I can show you many other things that will make you be sure of this great proyect.




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